A range of services and products:

  •  Design, development and implementation of packaging
  •  Shrink film PE and polyolefin
  •  Different types of paper packaging
  •  Packing machines – vacuum and production lines

We use the VERPALIN® film produced in Poland, which allows you to reduce the thickness of the material used up to 50%, while maintaining its extraordinary strength.
The VERPALIN® film can be successfully applied in places where a shrink film or PE film is used to make bags and other film packagings.

We make a film in the form of sleeves, half sleeves, canvas and for automatic machines.
VERPALIN® can also be used as a film for gardening, construction, packaging of furniture and
wooden stacks.
VERPALIN® can be made in different colors, it can be printed and welded.
The next offer for our Customers is polyethylene heat-shrinkable covers that allow you to reliably fix the goods that are located on the pallets. This is a new way of using our film. Such a method of packaging protects the product not only from damage, but also from theft, is indispensable for the packaging of products of the paper industry, chemical, food and furniture, and especially for the packaging of beverages and building materials.
Next Offer – Reducing the amount of energy
VERPALIN® film is a medium-density special heat shrinkable polyethylene film with a specific gravity of 93.4, extremely resistant to tensile and tearing, despite its thickness, which is significantly less than previously used The VERPALIN® film, despite its thickness, is able to protect products packaged in it. It protects the product from moisture, damage during transportation and theft.


  • saves energy and time of the packaging process;
  • allows you to reduce the thickness of the used material up to 50%;
  • retains an amazing, stable strength of the material,
  • makes it possible to reduce the cost of utilization due to its lower weight,
  • has a minimum shrinkage in length and maximum in width,
  • 100% suitable for further processing (Recycling),
  • during combustion, it decomposes into CO2 and hydrogen,
  • has a high energy value – 1 kg PE = 1 kg of fuel,
  • is neutral for the natural environment,
  • characterized by low cost.

You can get VERPALIN® film from a width of 60 to 3400 mm and a thickness of 10 microns.
VERPALIN® also manufactures thermal shield covers, which, under the influence of temperature, adhere tightly to the product on the shelves. This is an important step towards improving packaging.
If you are interested in optimizing the production process and saving money, then our film is for you.
We will provide you with a comparative calculation, technical data and test materials for free.