2017: creation of Wellfolie company in Ukraine
2015: Creating Verpa Film LP – Atlanta USA
2012: BRC certification at the Gunzenhausen plant
2011: Change the name of the whole group to VERPA Folie
2010: Launch of a new printing plant in Germany, the construction of a new plant in Wroclaw, Poland
2009: Monthly production capacity of 3000 tons
2007: Verpa GmbH becomes the central distributor of the Verpa Group of Companies
2006: HACCP certification at the Gunzenhausen plant
2000: Certification DIN ISO 9001/2000
1999: acquisition of the company All-Plastic, Gunzenhausen in Germany and the company Verpa
Folie in Wroclaw, Poland
1988: the start of production on two extruders, the volume of production is 80 tons per month
1986: introduction of the trademark
1979: Joachim Baumann created the trading company Verpa GmbH with the support of Peter Griebel