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Wellfolie – is an official representative of the German company Verpalin in Ukraine.

Verpalin –­ is a leader in polyethylene film production in Europe. The company, which has been working for more than 30 years, bases its work on the principles of efficiency, reliability, economy and sustainable development.

We are a film manufacturer with more than 30 extrusion lines. Here you will find a film with a width of up to 3600 mm and a thickness of 6 microns. We make film in the form of sleeves, half sleeves, canvas and for automatic machines.

The Verpalin film specially designed for shrink film is extremely resistant to stretching and rupture, despite its thickness, which is significantly lower (up to 50%) than is normally used.

The Verpalin film, despite its thickness, is able to protect products packaged in it, from moisture, damage during transportation and theft.
The inevitable quality of our film is provided at the expense of a stable raw material base.

If you want to protect the environment, eliminate wasteful waste and theft, come and join us.


2017: creation of Wellfolie company in Ukraine
2015: Creating Verpa Film LP – Atlanta USA
2012: BRC certification at the Gunzenhausen plant
2011: Change the name of the whole group to VERPA Folie
2010: Launch of a new printing plant in Germany, the construction of a new plant in Wroclaw,
2009: Monthly production capacity of 3000 tons
2007: Verpa GmbH becomes the central distributor of the Verpa Group of Companies
2006: HACCP certification at the Gunzenhausen plant
2000: Certification DIN ISO 9001/2000
1999: acquisition of the company All-Plastic, Gunzenhausen in Germany and the company Verpa
Folie in Wroclaw, Poland
1988: the start of production on two extruders, the volume of production is 80 tons per month
1986: introduction of the trademark
1979: Joachim Baumann created the trading company Verpa GmbH with the support of Peter

engineering, development and implementation

equipment for packing


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